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BWC Anthology Front Cover 2021.jpg

A Circle of Words

An anthology of stories by Brentwood Writers' Circle members in celebration of the Circle's 80th Anniversary.

Available on Amazon or from the Circle

Price £6.99

A Circle of Words

by Brentwood Writers' Circle Members

It Happened In Essex 2020.jpg

It Happened In Essex fall tales from the Basildon Writers' Group

Novel by Beryl Brown 2020.jpg

May's Boys

by Beryl Brown

Southend-On-Sea 2018.jpg


In The Great War

by Frances Clamp

Novel by Patrick Forsyth 2020.jpg

A Rather Curious Crime

by Patrick Forsyth


Soon She Must

by H. J. Furl

Janet Howson 2021.jpeg

Dramatic Episodes

by Janet Howson

Bretnwood in 50 Buildings by Sylvia Ket.jpg

Brentwood In 50 Buildings

by Sylvia Kent

Dawn Knox - Finding Eden.jpg

Finding Eden 

by Dawn Knox

Novel by Celia Pyke May 2021.jpg
Future Brokers by Colin Payn and Dawn Knox 2021.webp
Chelmsford by Jim Reeve.jpg
Book by Amanda Thomas  3 2020.JPG

The Future Brokers by Colin Payn and Dawn Knox

Love Comes Later

by Cecilia Pyke

Chelmsford Then and Now

by Jim Reeve

Sophie Spirit and the Perilous Chedham High

by Sam Scott

Cholera The Victorian Plague

by Amanda Thomas

The Glitter Monster by Colin Taylor 2019.jpg
Book by Michael Wear 2020.jpg
Robert Welham - Painting Jane.jpg

Painting Jane

by R H Welham

The Glitter Monster

by Colin Taylor


The Mysterious Man

Penny for the Guy

Hell Rising

by Michael Wear

The Street to Mango Moon

by Anita Marie Sackett

The Farmer and the Fury

by Cherry Burroughs


The stars are all called Eric

by Sean McMahon

Book David Worsfold.jpg

From Behind the Desk to the Front of the Stage

by David Worsfold

The Dangers Of Knowing It All

by Acharya Nihal Paul

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