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There are two BWC in-house competitions, the Nancy Meggs Competition for non-fiction and the Jack Kendall Competition for fiction, both named after previous members. There is also a bi-annual International Competition. All competitions are judged in-house by members of the committee. 

In-house competitions are free to enter. The BWC International Competition requires a fee. 



The Jack Kendall Competition – fiction up to 1,000 words

Launch:                January meeting

Closing date:      March meeting 

Awarded:             April meeting (or when programme allows)


BWC Bi-Annual International Competition (format TBA)

Launch:                May

Closing date:       July 31st 

Awarded:             September meeting 

The Nancy Meggs Competition – non-fiction up to 1,000 words

Launch:                September meeting

Closing date:       November meeting

Awarded:             December meeting


Spooky Stories -    Read out at January meeting

Prizes: In-house competitions:

International Competition:



Please post, deliver or email your script to the Secretary. Address and email addresse are included on the entry forms, which are emailed to members or can be collected at one of the meetings.

Entry is free.

Entry details for the BWC International Competition are advertised in the Writing Magazine and the BWC newsletter, Write On.



1             In-house competitions are only open to paid up members of

               Brentwood Writers’ Circle.


2             Only one entry per member, per competition.


3             Entries should not exceed 1000 words (unless stated otherwise).


4             Entries should be the writer’s own unassisted work.


5             All entries should be typed and double-spaced.


6              The font size should not be less than 12 points.


7             Pages should be numbered.


8             Pages should be typed one side only


9             The writer must use a pen name. The writer's own name must                    not  appear on the manuscript.


10           The number of words (excluding the title) should be included                    on the title page, together with the pen name.


11           The writer's own name, address and the manuscript title should                  be written on a separate piece of paper and sealed inside an                    envelope.


12           The manuscript title and the writer's pen name must be written                  on the front of the envelope and attached to the manuscript.


Scripts should not have been read at any previous BWC meetings.

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