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A mix of short stories, articles, poems, extracts, reviews or anything that qualifies as the written word, submitted by members of Brentwood Writers' Circle.

The Lake Districct Murder by John Bude

A Review by Frances Clamp


First published in 1935 this book gives an interesting insight into police procedure in the years between the wars. It opens with the murder of a garage owner and follows the investigation, led by Inspector Meredith. He soon realises that there is another crime involved, although exactly what it is remains a mystery until later in the book. Transport for the police investigators seems to be mainly by motorbike combination and bicycle. How things change! The investigation involves the Inspector, a Superintendent and the Chief Constable – not a situation we would find today. It is also interesting to note the completely different writing style compared with that one finds in modern thrillers, where pace is essential.

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